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Bubblor - High Gloss Car Wash

All Products Best Sellers Stjarnagloss
Shampoo with boosted shine and protection, from Stjärnagloss. All car shampoos clean (with varying degrees of success) but Bubblor isn’t just a world class...

Fantastisk - High Performance Hybrid Wax

All Products Best Sellers Stjarnagloss Wax
High performance hybrid wax combining natural and synthetic ingredients. In a world full of sealants, waxes still rule supreme for daily driven cars (especially...

Först - Citrus Pre-Cleaner

All Products Best Sellers Limited Stock Prewash Stjarnagloss
The first choice when it comes to citrus pre-cleaners. If your car is really filthy or needs a bit of a spring clean, strip...

Glas - Proffesional Glass Cleaner

All Products Best Sellers Glass Cleaner Stjarnagloss
High performance cleaning spray for glass and clear plastics. Looking for the perfect glass cleaner? Look no further. Stjärnagloss Glas is a solvent based...

Glatt - Protective Rinse Aid

All Products Best Sellers Hydrophobic Rinse Aid More than 10 in stock Stjarnagloss
Water repellent rinse aid for coating your car quickly via spray bottle/pressure washer. Applying spray sealants using a hand sprayer, pressure washer dosing bottle...

Gummi - Trim and Tyre Dressing

All Products Best Sellers More than 10 in stock Stjarnagloss Tyre & Trim
The Stjärnagloss satin sheen trim and tyre treatment – that won’t streak after application. Gummi is the perfect consistency for applying to tyres and trim...

Hjul - Colour Change Wheel Cleaner

All Products Best Sellers More than 10 in stock Stjarnagloss Wheel Cleaner
Not just an iron remover – Hjul’s a genuine all round wheel cleaner. You may have seen colour change wheel cleaners before, but this...

Inni - All Surface Interior Cleaner

All Products Best Sellers Interior Cleaner Interior Products More than 10 in stock Stjarnagloss
Versatile cleaner for all hard and soft surfaces, inside the car. Inni will clean all interior surfaces, from the plastic dash and interior trim...

Lurvig - Microfibre Wash Mitt

All Products Best Sellers Microfibres More than 10 in stock New Products Stjarnagloss
High performance microfibre wash mitt that outlasts wool. Wool mitts have been the ‘go to’ wash media for detailers for many years, but natural...

Pärla - Long-Lasting Spray Sealant

All Products Best Sellers Stjarnagloss
‘Next generation’ water based nano sealant offering amazing water repellence and durability. Some spray sealants barely give 3-5 weeks of protection… Stjärnagloss Pärla gives...

Silke - High Gloss Detailing Spray

All Products Best Sellers Quick Detailer Stjarnagloss
High gloss quick detailer to gently clean and dress hard surfaces, inside and out. Mild cleaner for paint? Check. Satin sheen dash spray? Check....

Skära - Gloss Enhancing Polish

All Products Best Sellers More than 10 in stock Polishes & Compounds Stjarnagloss
Micro-abrasive fine cut polish to clean, glaze and seal gloss paintwork. This fine cut polish is a really versatile all-rounder. Not only can it...
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